Thank you very much

//Thank you very much

Thank you very much

Posted: Oct. 23, 2017 12:01 am

Thanks to doctor and pharmacist


After having surgery, I thought I wasn’t in need of medication. When the local wore off, the flood gates of agony took over. It was a weekend and I needed a script to bring to my pharmacy. Needless to say, time was running out and everyone was leaving me without an opportunity for relief.

We finally got a script late on Saturday from Dr. Yasin, but Rite Aid in Wantage was closing. Mr. Patel, a young pharmacist working there, took pity on me and waited for us to arrive.

I am sure Mr. Patel had plans, as did Dr. Yasin. It was past Rite Aid’s closing, but Mr. Patel waited for my husband, Don, to bring the script. In a world with so many thinking of themselves, it is heartwarming to know there are still others who will go that extra mile and extend a helping hand.

Thank you for taking the time to be altruistic, empathetic and kind. We are so lucky to have the both of you taking care of us.

Jayne Morgan


Romano Golf Outing a big success


The 2017 Pat Romano Sr. Memorial Golf Outing was record-breaking success. Your wonderful support and generosity contributed to an all-time high of 422 golfers enjoying two courses and a record $288,000 in gross proceeds raised to benefit those with developmental disabilities.

This year’s net proceeds total $215,000. These proceeds will enable the SCARC Foundation to add $40,000 to its endowment fund, increasing the total endowment raised over the past 40 years to $3.7 million. The Foundation uses these funds to provide essential services that raise the quality of living for its clients.

On behalf of the Romano and the SCARC families, we thank you for helping us to attain our goals so others may achieve their dreams.

Dominick V. Romano, Chairman of the Board

Dominick J. Romano, Vice President/COO

David P. Romano, Vice President/CFO

Who’s No. 1?


It’s a silly little question, really, but I have to ask. Why is Pope John listed No. 1 in the Top 5 Sussex County high school football rankings when, clearly, they are not No. 1?

I know the Herald is not being biased, so if I may, here is a tip. Try alphabetical order next time.

Dorothy Kent