Starbucks, IHOP head to Taos

//Starbucks, IHOP head to Taos

Starbucks, IHOP head to Taos

By Jesse Moya

Starbucks and IHOP could soon bring their respective brands of coffee and pancakes to Taos.

The establishments will not be seeking to build new locations. Instead, help wanted signs and banners indicate IHOP will move into the old Applebee’s restaurant and Starbucks will be located inside Albertsons, both off of Paseo del Pueblo Sur.

Albertsons posted notices for barista and manager positions for the Starbucks on its front windows a couple of weeks ago. In addition, white boxes with the green Starbucks siren logo have been spotted in the store in recent weeks. The store also has a “Now Hiring” sign for Starbucks in its north entrance. While local management was unable to offer a comment to The Taos News, the positions were posted on the doors of the business as recently as Sunday (Sept. 10).

Starbucks corporate media offices did not respond to a message requesting comment as of Tuesday (Sept. 12).

IHOP created a commotion in the community in mid-September with a “coming soon” banner hanging outside of the old Applebee’s building, which has been abandoned and vandalized heavily since the business vacated more than four years ago.

“At this time, I don’t have any information to share regarding a pending restaurant,” said IHOP Senior Manager of Brand Communications Adam Korn in an email.

Despite this, town of Taos Senior Planner John Miller said that IHOP submitted an application Friday (Sept. 8) and that he was indeed reviewing it. The application called for renovations of seating, carpeting and kitchen areas in the building.