Rented car reported stolen in GI recovered in Idaho

//Rented car reported stolen in GI recovered in Idaho

Rented car reported stolen in GI recovered in Idaho

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A vehicle that was rented by a woman back in November 2017, was recovered in Idaho and reported as stolen Thursday.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car reported to the Grand Island Police Department Thursday that a woman rented a car on November 25, 2017 and that the vehicle was recovered in Idaho. Grand Island Police Capt. Jim Duering said the case is still open and the police department is not releasing the name of the woman at this time.

“The renter rented a car, and even said she might be moving to Idaho, then never returned it,” he said. “They sent two different certified letters to two different addresses they had for her. Then the car was later recovered in Idaho. I think they are going to look for her to try to talk to her.”

Duering added he did not have any information on how the vehicle was recovered in Idaho or what kind of condition it is in. He said he did not know why it took so long for the vehicle to be recovered, but guessed it may have been in Idaho this whole time.

“When you rent a car, there is a civil contract that is signed,” Duering said. “So in order for it to be reported as a theft, they (Enterprise Rent-A-Car) have to do a certified letter, they have to get X number of hours. My guess is that it had been in Idaho and, maybe, they even knew where it was, while this process is going on. They cannot report it stolen only they do these things.”

Duering added Idaho does have the car in its possession in the case it may need to process the vehicle for evidence. He emphasized GIPD does not know whether or not this is needed in this case.