New sign that Sauk Valley has ‘arrived’

//New sign that Sauk Valley has ‘arrived’

New sign that Sauk Valley has ‘arrived’

When certain businesses set up shop in town, it can be interpreted that a community has advanced to a new stage of development.

In other words, the community has “arrived.”

In the 1800s, it might been the establishment of a general store, blacksmith shop or saloon.

In the 1900s, your community might have “arrived” if it had landed a Montgomery Ward or Sears store. Then came Kmart and JC Penney, and after that, Walmart and other retailers.

Fast-food restaurants, such as McDonald’s, KFC, Wendy’s and Burger King, marked new points of progression.

Next month, a new Starbucks coffeehouse is expected to open at Sterling Commons on East Lincolnway.

Hmm. Will Starbucks’ presence in the Sauk Valley be a new indication of the community’s so-called “arrival” status?

It might well be.

Starbucks has more than 13,000 stores across America, and more than double that internationally.

People we’ve talked to praise the products produced by the Seattle-based coffee giant.

First, there’s the coffee – many varieties, including mochas and lattes, served hot or cold. Other espresso beverages are popular.

Then there are the teas – almost too many to count (we’re told green tea lattes are favorites for some) – not to mention smoothies, chocolate beverages and handcrafted sodas.

Don’t forget Starbucks’ baked goods, including pastries, croissants, brownies and lemon pound cake, plus breakfasts, sandwiches, paninis, snacks and more.

The store’s atmosphere makes it a good meeting place for friends, we’re told. The drive-thru lane is also popular for folks in a hurry.

Starbucks took a basic everyday drink – coffee – and turned it into an empire.

The arrival of that empire marks an “arrival” of another sort in the Sauk Valley – one that many area coffee drinkers gladly welcome.