In-N-Out, Popeyes, Wendy’s: Ten international fast food chains we’d love to see in India

//In-N-Out, Popeyes, Wendy’s: Ten international fast food chains we’d love to see in India

In-N-Out, Popeyes, Wendy’s: Ten international fast food chains we’d love to see in India

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International fast food chains have always worked like magic in India. Maybe because it is human tendency to love greasy food or the fact that it is so different from our daily food, we love fast food. Mc Donald’s, Burger King and Starbucks, all have launched themselves successfully and paved their way into the daily Indian food culture. However, there are a few more famous restaurants which we feel would work well in our country:


Popeyes is an acclaimed fast food chain for fried chicken fast food. They serve chicken dishes in mild and spicy flavours and offers sides such as red beans and rice, Cajun fries, mashed potatoes with Cajun-style gravy, Cajun rice, macaroni & cheese, and coleslaw.


Wendy’s was the world’s third largest hamburger fast food chain with 6,500+ locations, following Burger King and McDonald’s. Wendy’s menu consists primarily of hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, french fries and beverages, including the signature Frosty, which is a soft-serve frozen dairy dessert.


In-N-Out has been rated as one of the top fast food restaurants based on customer satisfaction ratings. Priyanka Chopra has also mentioned that it is her favourite restaurant, which makes us want to try this place all the more. The menu consists of three burger varieties: hamburger, cheeseburger, and a double burger along with french fries, fountain drinks and three flavours of milkshakes.


Arby’s is America’s second largest sandwich chain after Subway. Along with a wide variety of sandwiches, their mozzarella sticks and curly fries are quite popular. They experiment a lot with sauces and flavours and India being the land of spices, seems like the perfect place to expand their market too.


Chick-fil-A specializes in chicken sandwiches. They have separate menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They also serve the very pretty waffle shaped fries and the famous Peppermint Chocolate Chips Milkshake. 

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen, also known as DQ is primarily a restaurant famous for soft serve ice creams. They later expanded to malts, milkshakes, banana splits and hamburgers though their standard product remained the same. 


A famous fast food chain of the Middle East, Al-Baik is famous for its chicken, fries and slushies. They are probably the only major fast-food chain the country has and anyone who goes there is highly recommended to try out the place. 

Jack in the Box

The menu of Jack in the Box includes a variety of hamburger and cheeseburger sandwiches along with selections of internationally themed foods such as tacos and egg rolls. Although best known for its hamburgers, the highest selling product was the taco. 

Church’s Chicken

Church’s Chicken is an American chain of fast food restaurants specializing in fried chicken. The company, with more than 1,700 locations in 25 countries, is the third largest chicken restaurant chain behind KFC and Popeyes.


Whataburger is another fast food restaurant specializing in hamburgers served along with coke and fries. They also have an extensive breakfast menu.

Which of these restaurants would you really like to see in India?