ContentSquare adds AI to become a ‘fully automated’ provider of experience insights

//ContentSquare adds AI to become a ‘fully automated’ provider of experience insights

ContentSquare adds AI to become a ‘fully automated’ provider of experience insights

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ContentSquare makes its living by recording what users do on a website and then distilling it into insights, for such clients as Walmart, Tiffany and Unilever.

Today, the Paris-based firm is adding a new AI recognition algorithm that automatically learns about a site, turning the company into what it calls “a fully automated” provider of digital experience insights.

ContentSquare’s platform is used to determine, for instance, why users sign up in a form field less often when a buy button for a new product is added to the same page.

To acquire the user data, the Paris-based firm adds to the site’s header a tag which captures data from every page. When new elements like a form field are added to the page, the client would then have to configure the new page using ContentSquare’s dashboard.

CMO Efrat Ravid compared this approach to some tag management firms’, where new elements sometimes mean more tags as well as configuration. AI-based analytics has then been used by ContentSquare to deliver insights, such as whether the buy button was a factor in the lower sign-ups.

The company is today launching a new AI-based recognition algorithm called Auto-Zone that does away with the need to configure a page in the dashboard, when new page elements like another image or a different button have been added. Here’s a screen showing one level of Auto-Zone’s auto-configuration:

Auto-Zone automatically categorizes and learns the whole site with what the company said is a “semantic understanding” of the site’s components, recognizing when new assets have been added. It also helps track how each element behaves, such as providing an alert if a call to action on the page is generating an unusually high number of clicks.

When a new “add-to-cart” button has been added to a page, for example, Auto-Zone automatically recognizes it and tracks the accompanying behavior. If users appear to hesitate frequently before clicking the new button, Auto-Zone also points out the behavior and makes a recommendation, such as adding a new sale as an incentive.

With Auto-Zone, Ravid said, “you normally don’t need to use the dashboard.”

It’s “the same insights,” she added, “but [with] no effort.”

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